Faster, Cheaper, Better?

We’re living in unprecedented times. It’s never been more important for companies and organisations to sharpen their competitive advantage. Getter faster, cheaper and better isn’t wishing thinking and we promise immediate results.  

At Brilliant Project Management we offer fast-track, painless and innovative options for constantly evolving your business. We specialise in helping to get new projects off to a flying start or guidance to get your ventures back on track when they’ve lost their way. 

Go Agile NOW!

Wondering what all the Agile hallubaloo is about? Not sure if Agile is right for you? Want to get off to a fast start? Let us help!

Go Digital NOW!

Bamboozled by the digital world? Looking for a simple, cost-effective online launch? Let us be your guide! See results within weeks!



Agile Assessments

New to the world of Agile? Puzzled by all the hullabaloo? Wondering is Agile is for you? We offer a comprehensive review of how you do stuff tight now and guidance on whether Agile is right for you.

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Agile Implementations

Thinking of going Agile but don’t know where to start? We provide comprehensive, risk-free implementation of Agile. We help you select the best framework for your needs and roll it out within a week.

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Rob Cole, Founder, Brilliant Project Management

Rob is an agile coach and author with a passion for getting the best out of individuals, teams and organisations. He has a special interest in thorny challenges, especially when there are non-negotiable constraint 

Always hands-on, Rob works closely with organisations to implement innovative, best-practice based solutions and to help steer them through any choppy waters – emerging confident, fully self-sufficient and ready for the challenges ahead.

Rob promotes building on existing internal expertise – training, coaching and mentoring are all on offer. But he knows continuing to delivery business value meanwhile is an essential bread-and-butter requirement. 

The school of hard knocks has taught Rob that resilience and retaining a sense of humour are vitally important too.